Naked Truth : Diary of a Glamour Model – Signed Copy


Grab your copy of Naked Truth: Diary of a Glamour Model – signed by International Best Selling Author, Vicki Rebecca

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NAKED TRUTH: DIARY OF A GLAMOUR MODEL, a memoir of addiction, recovery, awakening and healing. A raw, fierce book: think Train Spotting meets The Dark Bridget Jones, spiced with trauma, neurodiversity, empowered sexuality, and emerging feminism.

A shy kid longing to fit in, labelled a ‘problem child’, gang raped at fourteen, I took to the road, the bright lights of London twinkling in my eyes. My childhood dream led me through the seedy photo booths of Soho, to a career as a page three girl and Monroe lookalike. On the brink of success, I fell in love. The ensuing deceit and heartbreak triggered a deep pain that could only be soothed by heroin’s euphoric embrace. Glamorous on the outside, a junkie on the inside, I became a living paradox in stiletto heels, until a spiritual experience changed my life.

Thirty-three years in recovery, twenty-five of those a therapist: listening, creating metaphors, and reframing client narratives, I am acutely aware of the hidden stories that hold us frozen in conflict. I share my full uncensored truth to empower others to feel brave, release shame, and honour every part of themselves. The dynamically paced highs and lows, absurd adventures, and crazy characters against the glamourous backdrop of 1970/80s London, bring saltiness and humour to this otherwise harrowing tale. The incredulity and fascination the reader finds during my younger years is equally true of my journey to wholeness, the reclaiming of sovereignty and healing —through awareness and authenticity— that continues to this day.


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